I know, it is lonely at the top

I have met many business leaders and professionals with great ideas and passion. However, good ideas need to be carefully planned, and good plans need to be efficiently executed, and it is not easy to know which way to choose, and often you get stuck on tricky issues, obstacles, and considerations.

As a leader, owner, or professional, your decisions and actions are of paramount importance to your company. You must make smart, correct, and swift choices because your company’s success depends on it, and your co-workers will expect it.

With many years of experience at top-level positions in large corporations, multi-national companies, local and international brands, as well as consultancy companies with small and large company clients, I have had the first-hand experience of the exposure and pressure to make the right decisions, something any leader will face, on a daily basis.

In big corporations, you have staff and departments of specialists at your service, and if needed you can also call for external experts, either smaller local or international big consultancy firms to give you a different perspective and to help you move forward. Yet sometimes, the specialists are not as efficient as they should be, and the results are never reached.

As a leader, owner, or professional in a smaller company, you neither have the time nor the resources to use such solutions. In fact, you are often alone with your challenges.

I thought: “I love the passion and the drive people put in when developing their business and companies. There must be a way to bring high quality, easily accessible business & organization development resources to leaders and professionals of all F&B companies. Resources that are affordable, too.”

So, we created Gold Solutions:

An immensely useful F&B Consultancy firm for business leaders and professionals of small and large F&B Businesses, to support them to tackle all problems, improve everyday business performance, plan to be on top of things, and scale up the business!