Scope Of Work

New Concept Development

•Brand Strategy Development
•Brand Discovery
•Brand Identity
•Site Selection and Assessment
•Interior Design and Branding
•Financial Business Plan
•Menu Research, Development and Costing
•System Design and Development
•Manuals (Food Safety, Costumer Services, Operations…)
•Franchise Manuals
•Staff Recruitment and Training
•Kitchen Design
•Equipment Selection
•Plate ware and Glassware selection
•Vendor Selection


Existing Restaurant

•Brand Strategy Assessment
•Concept Performance Assessment
•Financial Assessment
•Reorganization and Restructuring
•Management Team Assessment
•Staff Training and Recruitment
•Operating Manuals
•Menu Engineering Analysis
•Marketing Strategy Assessment
•Administrative & Operational checklists
•Operational Policies & Procedures
•Catering Department Structuring and Planning
•Delivery Department Structure and development

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

•HACCP plan & audit systems
•Food receiving process
•Food storage
•Food segregation
•Cross contamination
•Chiller / Freezer temperatures
•Cooking temperatures
•Food preparation
•Personal hygiene
•Water supply
•Cleaning and sanitization
•Pest control


Customer Service Management

Our support in this area will ensure you are providing a world-class customer service through:

•Building excellent customer relations
•Identifying and analyzing customers’ needs and problems
•Developing out of the box techniques
•Providing training and talk sheets
•Developing policies and procedures regarding all customer service processes
•Developing call center SOPs, training manuals & systems

Franchise Strategy

•Franchise operating manuals and training programs
•Franchise financial business plans (initial franchise fees, royalties percentage, etc…)
•Franchise strategy (type of franchise, brand margins, product margins)
•Franchise organizational, operational and financial structure
•Sales and marketing plans

We help our clients structure a franchise strategy based on the uniqueness of their situation and what they find most compelling as to brand, culture and operating models in order to attain their goals.


Strategic finance

Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning
•Building the budget process
•Making fact-based decision-making
•Increasing data transparency accuracy
•Optimizing finance operations
•Uncovering new opportunities and flag risks
•Business case articulation and financial planning and modeling

Financial Reporting and Analytics
•Build your financial toolkits
•Develop your reporting dashboards
•Compare and analyze items
•Finance policies and procedures
•Restructure finance department organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, and job descriptions based on company needs

Financial Business Plans
•Develop solid financial plans for start-up businesses or existing ones
•Develop profit margins, return on investment and payback period

Strategy development

•Strategy Map
•Measures and Targets
•Strategic Initiatives
•Performance Analysis
•Alignment •9-Evaluation

Waiter carrying plates with meat dish on some festive event, party or wedding reception

Supply chain

•Source new items or alternatives from local or international suppliers
•Reduce and optimize cost while maintaining or improving quality
•Establish and monitor cost reduction and pricing strategies
•Inventory optimization
•Manage the logistics function
•Assess and enhance performance and productivity of existing system

HR strategy & organizational design

On Human Resources
•Functional structuring
•Organizational design and restructuring
•Training needs assessment
•Training systems design and development
•Recruitment and selection
•Performance management
•Reward management
•Culture management
•HR process improvement

On Organizational Design
•Organizational design and restructuring
•Eliminate layers and work in silos
•Systems design and integration

Business Group Meeting Discussion Strategy Working Concept